Other Donner Party websites

Kristin Johnson’s Donner Blog. Ms. Johnson is the author of the anthology of Donner Party narratives, Unfortunate Emigrants. Her blog demonstrates her energy and her knowledge, with many posts about new research and publications. Her website New Light on the Donner Party includes a roster of the Donner Party, myths and misperceptions, new documents, and the Donner Party Bulletin - an update on current research. These web pages were originally part of the website of the Crossroads (Utah) chapter of the Oregon California Trail Association, for which Ms. Johnson serves as editor.

Ric Burns created a documentary for The American Experience on PBS, based on research by Prof. Joseph King. The PBS website includes an interview with Ric Burns, a bibliography and a teacher's guide. You can purchase the videotape from the website.

Read about Lansford Hastings and his Emigrants Guide to Oregon and California from the Department of American Studies at the University of Virginia.

The California State Parks page about Donner Memorial State Park.

Author and photographer Mark McLaughlin has researched the weather conditions that confronted the Donner Party, and also written about Tamsen Donner and the archaeological findings from the excavations at the Alder Creek site.

Marian Calabro, author of The Perilous Journey of the Donner Party, a highly regarded book for readers aged 9 to 12, also offers a Donner Party presentation which brings the Donner Party story to libraries, schools and organizations in a unique interactive program. Ms. Calabro is a writer, editor and corporate historian who has written four award-winning general histories and numerous corporate histories, poetry and plays. She also offers creative writing workshops.

In 2015 history buff Colin Gilboy visited Donner Springs north of Wendover, NV where the Donner Party recuperated after crossing the salt flats. Visit his Donner Spring web page to read about his visit and see photos of the springs and the related historical markers. Mr. Gilboy has researched the routes of the westward expansion from Lewis and Clark to the Transcontinental Railroad and given talks about the Donner Party’s role in the settlement of Utah and California. He also served as a trail guide on the annual Donner Party Hike described below.

The Donner Summit Historical Society preserves the history of the Donner Summit area, and co-sponsors an annual Donner Party Hike.

The Truckee-Donner Historical Society, preserves the history of the Truckee area.

Nevada County Gold Online preserves the history of Nevada County.

Related history websites

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