Maps of the Donner Party

Trail of the Donner Party

Take a virtual tour of the Hastings Cut-off, courtesy the Utah Crossroads Chapter of the Oregon California Trail Association, with photographs by Ray Tea.

James Reed's Map of the Humboldt River and Sierra Nevada

Routes of the Snowshoe Party and Relief Parties


Map of Cabin Sites, Drawn by William Graves for C.F. McGlashan, 1879

  1. Truckee's (now Donner) Lake

  2. Schallenberger's Cabin - Breens  (site of present Donner Monument)

  3. Keseberg's Addition to Schallenberger Cabin

  4. Big Rock (in Donner Memorial Park)

  5. Cabin built against Big Rock - Murphys and Eddys

  6. Graves' Cabin, with Addition for Reeds, Stanton, Luis and Salvadore (on Donner Creek north of present Interstate 80 Agricultural Inspection Station).  

  7. Roads (present Hwy 89 from Alder Creek to Truckee, old Hwy 40 from Truckee to summit via north shore of Lake, and trail up Coldstream Canyon south of Lake)

  8. Branch of Truckee's River (now Donner Creek)

  9. Donner Tent.  

  10. Donner Tent.  It is not known exactly where these tents were, but Mrs. Wolfinger statyed with the George Donners, and the teamsters apparently built another tent nearby.

  11. (now Alder) Creek

  12. (now Prosser) Creek

Map of Donner Camp Area and Trails Today

Based on Graydon's Trail of the First Wagons Over the Sierra Nevada


For further details, including how to locate the Trail today, see the books listed in the bibliography of Donner sources.

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